Ryan Weller Thriller Series

Dark Water-Ryan Weller Thriller Series

Former U.S. Navy EOD Tech Ryan Weller is living the quiet life, working for his father’s construction company. When an old friend’s parents die in a brazen terrorist attack, Ryan goes to work for Dark Water Research, a commercial dive and salvage firm. The company is a cover for Homeland operations and Ryan’s first mission is to hunt for stolen sailboats in the Gulf of Mexico. A sinister plot boils just beneath the surface. As Ryan sails into the danger on his own boat, he comes into the crosshairs of hitmen and a dangerous cartel bent on war with the United States.

Dark Ship-Ryan Weller Thriller Series

Ryan Weller has a grudge. The former Navy EOD tech wants to put an international arms dealer out of business. Jim Kilroy’s mistake was selling guns to the Aztlán Cartel, who tried to start a war with the U.S. Ryan leverages his contacts at Homeland Security to gain information on Kilroy, but Kilroy has the blessing of the U.S. government and Ryan’s efforts are unsanctioned.
Instead of putting Kilroy out of business, Ryan finds himself partnering with the arms dealer to deliver a ship full of weapons to a Haitian warlord and escape a million-dollar bounty. Can Ryan navigate bounty hunters, rival warlords, and the hurricane too survive?

Dark Horse-Ryan Weller Thriller Series

Ryan Weller has gold fever. He knows where a shipwreck full of gold bars lies in three hundred and fifty feet of seawater. Unfortunately, he’s no longer employed by Dark Water Research, and he must find his own salvage vessel and crew. Retrieving the gold won’t be easy at depths man wasn’t meant to go.
Surviving the savage ocean might be the least of his worries. Ryan is also caught between a ruthless Haitian warlord and international arms dealer, Jim Kilory, both eager to reclaim the prize.  Kilroy will stop at nothing to force Ryan to cooperate, including kidnapping Ryan’s beautiful ex-girlfriend, Emily Hunt. The gold for Emily. But the warlord demands a ransom too, the gold for his life. Can Ryan escape with the girl and the gold?


Paying off

  • Posted by evang2468
  • On September 14, 2018
I had trouble naming this post but I say paying off because all the hard work is getting recognized. Dark Water was recommended by one of my favorite authors, Wayne Stinnett. He sent out an email to his followers with a link to my book. Sales were through the roof for me compared to what they […]
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Dark Ship

  • Posted by nir_admin
  • On May 18, 2018
Here’s the deal! Dark Ship is at the editors! Laura will have it back to me by June 4th. I’ll send it to the formater and Tammi will have it back to by the end of that week June 9th. I’ll take a few days to ensure everything is right and make adjustments if necessary. Then […]
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My Process

  • Posted by nir_admin
  • On May 7, 2018
I’m really excited! I just got the first edition of Dark Ship’s cover back from Wicked Good Book Covers and Shayne has out done herself again. This one looks even better than Dark Water. Now I’m waiting for a slot at the editors and we’ll go from there. Can’t wait to get the second book […]
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